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Entrepreneurs and independent consultants can bring a fresh, orthogonal view to any organization’s internal meeting or off-site event. Not only do they have a unique perspective, they possess the freedom to publicly express an opinion on almost any issue.

Nancy Sajjadi is an energetic, enthusiastic and engaging speaker who aims to catalyze novel conversations and spawn new relationships among audience members. All her presentations encompass the broad umbrella of quality outcomes.

Most Popular Speaking Topics

  • Design, development and validation of assays to support development of complex biologics
  • Organizational culture as a selective pressure affecting employee behavior and quality
  • Life Quality by Design: An engineering approach to achieving well-being through work life integration

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Speaker Bio

A genetic engineer by training and a social scientist at heart, Nancy Sajjadi brings energy and her unique brand of passion to the topic of quality.  She has over 30 years of experience in the quality control of experimental cell and gene therapy medicines and is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Sajjadi Consulting.

Her peer reviewed publications and conference presentations have earned her the respect needed to guide technical teams in the research and development of complex biologics. Leveraging her interactions with more than a hundred teams, she also offers professional development to leaders at all levels in organizations focused on building and maintaining a culture of quality.

Her client base includes industry, academia, community hospitals and state and federal agencies.

What Our Clients Say

“I highly recommend this class (Biostatistics for Beginners Course) for any analyst that needs to know whether a result can be accepted or rejected with confidence, or if suitable for the intended use. Nancy Sajjadi has put together a concise, well-presented course. Prepare to be challenged! The open forum small class is conducive to discuss common methodologies, regulatory guidelines, and analytical method validation. A great class as a refresher or to learn something new.”

“To expose students to career options and inspire them to pursue research in microbiology I invited Nancy to speak to students on “The development of Biopharmaceutical Products” at Virginia State University where I taught for 15 years. I warned her in advance that it was not uncommon for students to get up and leave during a talk. I was pleasantly surprised that all students were totally absorbed and stayed for the entire time she spoke. The students found her personal and professional stories very inspiring and felt comfortable approaching her afterwards! I would highly recommend Nancy as a speaker for any group!”

“I recommended Nancy as a speaker to one of my big pharmaceutical clients. They hired her and were impressed enough to invite her back 5 times so far! I have also seen Nancy give talks at conferences. She is enthusiastic, engaging and entertaining in delivering information and ideas that motivate people to act!”

“Nancy Sajjadi is a joy to work with and I have learned so much from her. She taught me that life, work and self-care are not separable. Thank you to Nancy for being so inspiring and insightful.”

“The wellness seminar married mental health with corporate culture and spurred much needed open discussions within our leadership team about moving from exhaustion to work-life balance, finding purpose, and building cohesion. Ms. Sajjadi was masterful at bottom-line thinking and mirroring needs back in ways that brought us insight and direction.  Her quick-witted energy and pointed questions provided great guidance and engaged everyone in thoughtful discussions about what matters in the workplace. We all left more motivated to build and maintain a healthy work culture.”

“Nancy has an incredible ability to take complex material and synthesize it down into what is most important for her audience/clients to know and understand. This rare skill makes her an excellent communicator and teacher.”