Professional Development Services

Nancy Sajjadi uses her experience interfacing with hundreds of teams to help organizations develop and maintain a culture of quality. She inspires leaders at all levels with insights into the evolutionary origins of human caring and cooperation.

Information critical to continuous improvement, is traded most efficiently when there is a web of trust networks and strong social ties. As such, organizational culture exerts a selective pressure on the people within it.  Leaders at all levels impact the work environment and by extension, how people behave at work and who stays and who leaves. Gaining insight into the human attachment system as an evolutionary adaptation can manifest in rapid, beneficial changes to individual behavior, team functioning and organizational outcomes.

Sajjadi Consulting programs and services are fully customized to meet each client’s unique needs but with a common goal to enhance synergy. Nancy Sajjadi’s education and interdisciplinary interests have led to a holistic approach to creating quality outcomes for all stakeholders – employees, customers and the communities surrounding them.

Areas of Assistance

  • Advisor to executive leadership
    • Evaluation of existing culture and organizational change objectives
    • Development of quality metrics
    • Helping HR professionals understand how scientists tend to think and act differently
  • Workshops and retreats
    • Identify issues to be addressed
    • Facilitate interactive sessions
    • Provide summaries and action plans in follow-up
  • Individual and team coaching
    • Confidential interviews to understand organizational issues
    • Conflict resolution strategies

What Our Clients Say

“The wellness seminar married mental health with corporate culture and spurred much needed open discussions within our leadership team about moving from exhaustion to work-life balance, finding purpose, and building cohesion. Ms. Sajjadi was masterful at bottom-line thinking and mirroring needs back in ways that brought us insight and direction.  Her quick-witted energy and pointed questions provided great guidance and engaged everyone in thoughtful discussions about what matters in the workplace. We all left more motivated to build and maintain a healthy work culture.”

“Nancy has an incredible ability to take complex material and synthesize it down into what is most important for her audience/clients to know and understand. This rare skill makes her an excellent communicator and teacher.”